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Young, India continued to determine the price of phosphate fertilizer subsidy policy Home > News Center > Young, India continued to determine the price of phosphate fertilizer subsidy policy
Young, India continued to determine the price of phosphate fertilizer subsidy policy
Upload time:[ 2010-01-30]

Last week, the U.S. phosphate exports will decrease. Phosphorus Association in February from the Tampa area in Hong Kong to the United States shipped 7,000 tons of diammonium, FOB 450 U.S. dollars. To Morocco and Brazil to a higher price after the sale of goods, phosphorus Society began brewing prices. The intention of the United States to other suppliers for the FOB price of 460 U.S. dollars, and they in no hurry to sell, Australia, the United States phosphate fertilizer in a large market, the country has shown buyers purchase in April diammonium intention. Legg Mason plans shipments of 20,000 tons of diammonium to Thailand, 21,000 tons of diammonium, and potassium chloride to Peru. Last year in December, the United States diammonium exports was 31.1 million tons, 1 ~ December exports of 5.2 million tons, an increase of 27%. December 1 ammonium export volume of 9.3 million tons, an ~ December exports of 1.418 million tons, an increase of 7%. Exported 5.2 million tons of diammonium, there are three million tons sold in India. Ammonium 45.5 million tons sold in Brazil, 36.7 million tons sold in Canada ammonium between the two countries share of total exports in that year accounted for 50%. TFI data show that last year in December, the United States, and a diammonium bromide production was 91.9 million tons, lower by 3%, but lower than tripled over the same period the previous year. Diammonium production in December last year was 58.2 million tons, ring compared with an increase of 2%; an ammonium production was 33.7 million tons, lower by 11%. The United States in December last year, fertilizer consumption, by strong growth in November than a decline, businesses cut lead to sales declined, while export situation for the better in December is also a factor. In December the United States and a diammonium bromide apparent consumption 437,000 tons in November based on the reduction of 9.4 million tons. In December, the United States, and a diammonium bromide stocks was 66.2 million tons, lower by 14%, an increase of 60%. Diammonium stocks which 36.6 million tonnes, lower by 14%, with the previous five-year average low 45%. An ammonium stocks was 29.6 million tons, lower by 13%, with the previous five-year average low 27%.
Tunisia GCT's yet to be determined in February the price of diammonium and TSP, are meeting to study the current situation of phosphate. GCT's recent tender offer in Iran, there are 30,000 tons of bulk diammonium tender offer high, FOB 500 U.S. dollars. The company in January the remaining phosphate kingpin in Pakistan and Europe.
OCP of Morocco last week with Brazilian buyers turnover of 50,000 tons shipped in February and a diammonium bromide. OCP quote up to 470 U.S. dollars FOB, it is estimated the final price of about 460 U.S. dollars FOB. OCP2 month will be 5 million tons of goods exports in Western Europe, the current OCP dealer refused to bid FOB 460 U.S. dollars, FOB price of intention 465 ~ 470 dollars. The company also exports to Thailand in February diammonium 30,000 tons, 110,000 tons of diammonium the remaining will be shipped to India.
India has finally decided to subsidize fertilizer nutrients. Access to subsidized fertilizer prices are as follows: urea CIF 350 U.S. dollars, diammonium CIF 450 U.S. dollars, potassium chloride CIF 360 U.S. dollars. Phosphorus, and potassium fertilizer retail price is no longer fixed, but are these prices as the benchmark, adjusted once a year, an increase of no more than 5%. Urea is continue to use the maximum retail limit. Divided by nutrient subsidy system is implemented, will help the government control the amount of fertilizer imports, the country's current 15% levy tariffs. Fertilizer imports are not subsidized. The Government of India has not yet released the next fiscal year budget and a single nutrient fertilizer subsidy amount. India nutrient subsidy policy is to encourage balanced fertilization, rather than a single use of urea, thus reducing the dependence on urea. Compared with the current international market price set by the Government of India diammonium CIF 450 U.S. dollars is unrealistic, and is expected to cause delays in the procurement diammonium.
At present the Vietnamese market, suppliers are in CIF diammonium quotes for more than 520 U.S. dollars, and the market, there has been a precedent for the transaction CIF 522 U.S. dollars. Dreymoor company was shipped to Vietnam early in January of 30 thousand tons of diammonium and 1 tons of urea.
In Brazil, in addition to a deal with the OCP, the European chemical companies in January are also shipped to Brazil and Argentina, 3 each of 2 million tons granted ammonium. Dreymoor company is shipping 5,000 tons of diammonium, and the other two groups of 10,000 tons to be transported, the price of FOB 415 U.S. dollars. February diammonium CIF Brazil will reach 490 U.S. dollars, while the content of an ammonium Morocco, 66% of the price will rise 10 U.S. dollars


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