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Potash inventories demand reduction recovery
Upload time:[ 2010-01-30]
  North American stocks continue to decline potassium chloride, TFI statistics show that last year, 12 stocks were lower by the end of potassium chloride 13%, fell to 1.91 million tons (pure volume), or physical volume of 2.87 million tons, representing an increase of 20 over the same period the previous year % over the past five years, the average high levels of 45% over the same period; in November last year, inventory increased 91% year on year, higher than the average of the past five years, the amount of 89%. Potassium chloride in North America in December last year, inventories in the last 6 months the first 5 months of continuous decline, but in accordance with established practice, 11,12 on stocks should be increased. Potassium chloride production in North America in December last year, 417,000 tons (pure volume, the same below), down 56%, a decline of 29%. Sales of 70.1 million tons, an increase of 44%, chain increased by 10%. As of last month, the fertilizer has been more than half of the year, this year the total sales volume of 3.29 million tons, down 32%, the cumulative production of 2.79 million tons, down 51%.
This year, Malaysia potassium chloride demand is expected to 150 million tons. Indonesia's demand will also be restored to normal levels, demand and Malaysia close. January BPC shipped two batches of 25 thousand tons of potassium chloride to Bangladesh, CIF price was 385 U.S. dollars, belongs to the goods under the contract.
Brazil, in December last year, imports of potassium chloride maintained at 234,000 tons, 1 ~ December imports fell 50%. In December, Brazil's imports of potash from Belarus, 75,000 tons, 31,000 tons of imports from Russia, from Germany imported 73,000 tons, 38,000 tons of imports from Israel, 14 thousand tons imported from Canada.
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