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Inorganic chem
Organic chem
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Product   name:      Sodium Hexametaphosphate (SHMP)
Molecular                      611.77
White crystalline,granular,odorless solid.Hydrosoptic and easily soluble in water.
Uses:  Used as a sequestering dispering deflocculating agent,and as a coating agent to
form a thin passivating film that protects metals from corrosion; Industrial water
treatment:SHMP can be used in continuously recycled industrial water as a
softener; SHMP is used in the textile industry for industrial cleaning and as
dispersion in pingmenting and dyeing operations.It is also used in oil well drilling
and in Kaolin industries.
PACKING 25KG/50lb net Multi-wall paper bag 1000kg/2000lb supersacks
 Total Phosphate(as P2O5):
 Inactive Phosphate (as P2O5):
 7.5% Max
 Lron (Fe):
 100ppm Max
 Water insoluble:
 200ppm Max
 Sieve analusis:
 Thru Mesh 80: 90% Min
 Thru Mesh 100: 80% Min
 Thru Mesh 12: 98% Min
 Over Mesh 80: 95% Min
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